At Zynetic, we believe that transformation is a collective effort, requiring contributions from everyone for a greener future. That's why we've designed solutions that benefit all stakeholders in our society.

EV Fleet Charging Solution

We understand that the commercial fleet is the lifeblood of urban mobility and plays a pivotal role in enhancing connectivity. That's why we're committed to supporting fleet operators in transitioning from petrol and diesel engines to electric vehicles.

We aim to be your partner in this journey, investing in the infrastructure you need to make this transition seamless and cost-effective. With our support, you no longer need to worry about heavy investments in building fast charging stations.

Why Switch to Electric?

Compliance with Dubai's Government Law

Transition from ICE vehicles to EVs is in line with Dubai's government regulations.

Lower Capital and Operating Expenses

Compare the cost of a Tesla Model 3 to a Lexus Esh2023:

(All Prices in AED)


Initial Cost

Fuel Cost per 100km

Maintenance Cost per 100km

Time to Fuel

Lexus Esh2023




5 Minutes

Tesla Model 3




17 Minutes (10-80% Charge)

Price Savings





% Savings





With our EV Charging Hubs at your destination, you can count on quick and reliable charging. We guarantee 95% uptime for our chargers.

Electrifying Parking Space

Are you a parking space or real estate owner looking to monetize your unused parking areas? Partner with us to turn your parking space into a revenue-generating asset while supporting the nation's mission to achieve carbon neutrality.

Types of Parking Spaces we support

Car Parking
Car Parking
Commercial Building
Car Parking
Car Parking
Car Parking

Why choose Zynetic ?

Investment in Capital Expenditure

We invest in the entire capital expenditure.

Superior Proprietary Technology

Our technology ensures extreme control over the end-user experience.

Maintenance and Replacement

We take care of software, hardware, and electrical infrastructure maintenance and replacement.

Large Customer Base

We serve a wide range of EV customers.

24x7 Availability

Our charging stations are available around the clock, backed by a dedicated support team.

Highly Qualified Team

Our team of engineers is highly skilled and experienced.

Automated Charging Station Operation

We offer automated operation for your convenience.

High Integrity and Transparency

We pride ourselves on our integrity and transparency in all partnerships.

Support for Fleet Operators

We're here to support fleet operators in their transition to  EV fleets.

Prime Locations

Our charging hubs are strategically located for your convenience.

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