At ZYNETIC, we're more than just a team of engineers and management professionals – we're a driving force in the full-stack EV charge point technology arena. With a comprehensive range of capabilities, we stand out in the industry. Our expertise encompasses Charging Management Software, AC Chargers, Modular DC Super Fast Chargers, and Charging as a Service.

Our Journey

We believe in propelling the future of transportation by providing accessible and highly efficient electric vehicle charging solutions. Our journey is ignited by innovation, unwavering commitment, and a green vision for a sustainable tomorrow. Join us on this electrifying ride towards a cleaner, greener, and more connected world. Together, we charge the future.


Empowering a sustainable future through innovative EV charging solutions.



Our core focus is to reduce emissions and champion clean transportation.


We are dedicated to advancing technology and enhancing efficiency in EV charging.


Prioritizing seamless, user-focused charging experiences is our commitment.


Our actions reflect trust, transparency, and unwavering accountability.


We believe in working together to drive global EV adoption.


Leading the EV revolution, we aim to connect nations through efficient & accessible charging.

Join Our Team

If you share our zeal for driving transformation and making transportation greener, we invite you to join our team of enthusiasts. Send your updated resume with a cover letter.